National University of Tucuman

Pedes in terra ad sidera visus



Universidad Nacional de Tucumán (UNT) has a major responsibility to contribute to solve real-world problems by linking their rich resources of knowledge to society needs. Students, academics, and staff share their expertise and energy with local and regional communities through activities as consulting, collaboration, and solution implementations with high impact on health, economic, cultural and social development. Also the University plays a main role as a provider of cultural events and facilities within the society and therefore is committed to promote a myriad of artistic initiatives. The University manages two symphonic orchestras and two choruses, also offers to society a theater, a concert hall, art galleries, museums, and additionally a natural reserve of 14300 hectares for preservation of native flora and fauna. UNT will continue to take great pride in the civic leadership responsibilities, working with our people to produce opportunities, choices and solutions for today, and for tomorrow’s society. 

Ayacucho 491, Tucumán, Argentina